Budigan Group Legal Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is covered for legal services?
Plan covers verifiable employees, their spouses, children, live-in stepchildren, parents, siblings, and live-in domestic partners.
What do I pay to be covered?
Nothing to be covered.
What discount do I get as a benefit?
10% discount off Budigan Law Firm usual attorney and paralegal hourly rates (not off costs which are any other expense or charge incurred in handling your issue), which shall change January first of each year and personal injury cases on contingency (no attorney fees if no recovery) discounted 10% off usual 33.33% or 29.7% of gross recovery.
What payment options are available?
You have the option of paying by cash, check, all major credit cards, and debit cards with a major credit card symbol on it and agreed monthly payment plans.
What if Budigan Law Firm cannot assist me?
If for any reason Budigan Law Firm is not able to assist you, such as an area of law we do not handle, a conflict, etc., we will attempt to refer you to another attorney within King County and write a letter to that attorney, with a copy to you, requesting that the attorney provide you the same or lower discount as offered under this benefit plan.
How do I hire an attorney?
Call 206-284-5305 for a free initial phone consultation NOW. You can also go to the MEMBERS USE portion of this website and fill out your information and submit it to us by email.
What if I wait or do nothing about my legal problem?
It will probably get worse and cost you more money, time, and be more difficult to solve later. Act Now.